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    schema_pouziti_minVersatile hemp insulation features high thermal and moisture accumulation and thus, it is a perfect material for open diffused constructions. Its application is widespread - roofs, ceilings, floors, inner and outer walls.

    APPLICATION TECHNIQUE OF SOFT MATS vicarius canna flex and canna panel

    • When applying hemp insulation, it is needless to use any protective apparel, in contrast to products like stone wool or glass wool.
    • When applying hemp insulation, you can work witk bare hands and save costs for gloves, glasses, respirators and overalls.

    Although it is more difficult to cut hemp rope then mineral insulations, we advise to use foxtail saw BOSCH GFZ 16-35 AC with which you can manage well. For cutting lesser amount of insulation, it is enough to use special knives for insulation, e.g. STORCH.
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    elasticityToughness of hemp rope makes its cutting more difficult, however, excellent stability of size and elasticity of mats compensate for it. You will appreciate these features during assembly when you cannot avoid squeezing mats between structural elements. The mat will go back to its original condition after squeezing.

    measurementIt is advisable to cut hemp rope 2-3 cm longer than free width of the insulated space to avoid detachment of formats from the limited area of structural elements and creation of thermal bridges.

    • It is advisable to use wire blocking or knitting of intercepting wire grate between joining beams when insulating ceilings of objects. You will avoid undesirable slacking of the insulation.
    • It is advisable to use pressure wire reinforcement or strings when apllying vertical insulation - space between walls, inner insulation on four sides of the object.

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